Sunday, May 12, 2013

Naturally Intelligent?

According to the online assessment I completed on my multiple intelligences, I am not brimming over with strengths in any of the areas. The highest a person can get on the assessment is five, and I was a 3.86 in Naturalist Intelligence, a 3.57 in Intrapersonal Intelligence and 3.43 in Interpersonal Intelligence.

If these were grade point averages, I would be ecstatic.

However, sitting here typing this with some soil still stuck under my fingernails from taking care of some roots and seedlings this afternoon, I cannot argue that I love working outdoors and do possess a fair amount of practical knowledge in the areas of gardening and landscaping. I also enjoy walking and hiking and taking photos of nature. So maybe it is not that surprising that the Naturalist Intelligence is my highest area. I think since this was my highest intelligence, my learning environment would include time outdoors to explore patterns in nature.

I find it a bit peculiar to see that my next two highest intelligences were intrapersonal then interpersonal. In some ways these two intelligences almost seem to conflict each other, but it could also simply be that I can thrive on working with others, but can also fly solo. I think if my learning environment was to be structured to suit my personal needs, there would be a variety of both group and independent work. Perhaps this could include group assignments that allow for brainstorming and sharing ideas, but then provide the opportunity for each person to work in a pair or alone and do their part with the group vision in mind. A time for written reflection of these activities would also be beneficial

I was a bit surprised to find that my language intelligence was only my fourth highest intelligence (3.29), since working with words has been something I have done most of my life. But I tend to be a lot stronger with the written word than the spoken word. So making time for story telling and reinforcing the importance of oral traditions would be helpful.

The rest of the intelligences came in at 2 down to 1.43. In terms of developing these other intelligences, some ideas that could possibly be productive are:

  • creating charts and using images to reinforce or stimulate reading or writing (Spatial)
  • participating in critical thinking games and deconstructing advertisements (Logic/Math)
  • moving around during learning as I am thinking of ideas and brainstorming (Body Movement)
  • creating poems that focus on the use of consonance and assonance (Musical)

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